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  • Business & Finance MLK Convocation – Many Voices: A Shared Dream!

    01/16/2012 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    Location: Rackham Auditorium. Open to Public.
    Speaker: Sarah Jones

    Business & Finance Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation is featuring a keynote presentation by Sarah Jones.

    Sarah Jones is a Tony Award and Obie Award winning playwright, performer and poet and has been called a “master of the genre” by the New York Times. Sarah grew up in Queens, New York and attended the prestigious United Nations International School. At the UN School, while speaking to her fellow students she discovered her gift for mimicry, and also gained insight into the lives of those in other countries. In 2000, Sarah debuted “Women Can’t Wait” a play about injustice and oppression and has since written and performed four multi-character solo shows, including the 2004 Broadway show “Bridge and Tunnel” which is a study of 14 different characters that explores the theme of intolerance and injustice. These characters are derived from her rich experience in a multicultural environment and are the driving force behind her work in Diversity and Inclusion. Sarah is passionate about the humanity of all her characters and carefully incorporates authentic aspects of the cultural style, accent, dialect, and physicality of real individuals. Sarah’s performance will make us reflect on our own individual cultural experiences, and add to our ability to interact with the many cultures that make up the University of Michigan. Join us for an entertaining, educational and inspiring performance by Sarah Jones.

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